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Motocross Experience Days - Dirt Biking & Trail Riding

Are you a Motocross fan looking to experience the thrill at first hand? Or then again, maybe you just want a try at something different or one of those ‘adrenaline days out’ you have heard talk of? Well, whichever one fits your needs the best, you are in the right place, as you don’t get much more fun than a Motocross experience day with Yamaha Schools !

If on the other hand you just want to zing around a track on a 'dirt' bike, test yourself on a trial bike on an off road course, or just have a go at trail riding, then you'll find just what you want on one of our off road tracks / courses.

Motocross - Yamaha Enduro Riding

Yamaha have a fantastic history of producing the very best Motocross Enduro 'dirt bikes', which is of course the reason that we have chosen to fill our stables with a range of Yamaha dirt bikes:-

Trail Bikes and Trial Riding

As you will see by the videos and comments on our website, we have courses suitable for both trail bikes and trial riding. Whatever you choose, we have found that people just love the adrenaline rush that they get when in charge of a powerful (but not too powerful, at least while you are learning the ropes) Yamaha Enduro motorbike.

Motocross Gifts & Vouchers

And don’t worry if you can’t pick the date for your gift, you can buy one of our ‘days out gift vouchers’ that can be used in the future whenever they want to visit us (all they have to do is to book the time and place).

So if you are looking for:-

  • A Dirt Biking Day Out
  • Trying out some Motocross Bikes
  • Fancy a ride on a Yamaha Trail / Motocross bike
  • Are a budding Motocross Rider
  • An Off Road Riding Experience
  • A Motocross Experience / Day Out

Then please do contact us.

We can promise you an ultimate driving experience and an adrenaline packed day out.

We have a number of off road / motocross tracks for you to choose from too, so there is bound to be one close at hand.

PS Don't worry if you have not ridden before, we can cater for riders of all abilities, please see our Motocross Frequently Asked Questions

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